Music & Arts Foundation


Regular Practice lessons every Monday(Beginners), Tuesdays(Cello&Viola)

 Thursday(Advanced& Intermediate) Violin ....Call 949-627-4350 for times.


 The Wise Youth Strings  Ensemble  played for the Decatur Lions Club

noon meeting 12 April'17 at the Lions Hall in Decatur


2017 Spring Concert...........11 May'17....7:00pm .....Stage Theater, Halsell St. Bridgeport 

All Stringed Ensembles will perform this night for our Contributing Patrons, the Students' Families

and Friends.

 2018 Restart at WCWC Rm. 232....  8Jan.(Mon.) Beginners 4:30

                                                               9 Jan.(Tues.) Cello&Viola 6:00

                                                                11Jan.(Thur.) 4:45 Advanced & 6:00 Intermediate Violin


Senior Level ( All students chosen to the performance ensemble) and their parents...

will meet at 4:30 at your classroom, at Weatherford College ( Big Sandy Creek Campus ) 

Bring your instrument because this will be your first lesson this Fall....


All beginning students with their Parents are asked to be at the East Classroom (Rm 232), second floor

Weatherford College (Big Sandy Creek Campus) at 4:30 on Monday for:

                     Registration, get acquainted  and meet your instructor.....

                     Measure student for proper size violin.......

                      Lesson Book and procedure explanation......

                      Bring your violin if you already have one. 

 Cello and Viola  come at 6:00 Tuesday and use Rm 232